The Freewheel

The freewheel has advantages over a coaster brake.  A freewheel spins 'freely' when the child pedals backwards, as opposed to a 'coaster brake' wheel that causes the bike to brake when the child pedals backwards.  We include a freewheel with all Woom Bikes except for the Woom 2 (the Woom 2 has an optional free wheel kit we encourage customers to purchase but, per United States law, any 16' bike must be shipped with a coaster brake wheel installed).  

  • Easy start: the crank can be brought into the perfect starting position without resistance.
  • The child learns to stop properly: by using the handbrakes instead of pedals. This prepares them for proper cycling and riding.  
  • A freewheel avoids accidental breaking - with a coaster brake wheel, braking can occur when it may not have been the intention.  
  • Perfectly functioning handbrakes complement the freewheel
  • You don't have to worry about your child using a bike that doesn't have a coaster brake in the future. 


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